The Daily Show and Beyonce’s Lemonade

Thought you all might enjoy this. Have you seen Lemonade yet? What did you think?


One thought on “The Daily Show and Beyonce’s Lemonade

  1. I watched Lemonade on HBO. In the beginning, while I was watching it I thought Beyonce’s newest release was very dark. After watching it, I realized she was making a reference to Black women and their often ignored place in society. “Lemonade” was an ode to black women, and a deeply personal story at the same time. Beyonce also made a statement through the appearances of women holding photos of black men who have been killed. Among the women, were the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, who held images of their late sons.In addition, I noticed that there were nuanced and layered lyrics that touched on many other themes, including infidelity. In my opinion, I think this was the most visual album that I’ve seen yet.


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