POST #1 Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture

I decided to do the class discussion on the excerpt from Murray and Ouellette’s Reality TV: Remaking Television Culture. I chose this specific reading because Reality TV plays a huge role in my life- guilty. This reading makes me think of myself and my reasons for watching reality television. I started watching reality TV once I found Jersey Shore, The Real World, and many more. Watching these shows, I always questioned why I watch it basically everyday. The entertainment side of reality television is one of the main reasons why I watch it. This excerpt helped me understand why Reality television is such a norm in today’s generation. Murray and Ouellette explained how audiences get hooked on reality TV-which is what is described as “the real”. This is what makes Reality TV.
Now, is Reality Television real?
The effects of reality TV definitely make this genre of television very real- the camera angles, the different personalities of the individuals on the reality show and many more. Other than that, I do not think it is ALL real. For example, there are some parts in the reality tv shows I watch where I can point out what is slightly scripted and what is not. Although it can be scripted at times, it is still very popular. This excerpt connects to chapter eight of Media Essentials- Television, Cable, and Specialization in Visual Culture. Campbell, Martin, and Fabos explained the reasons why critics were scared about reality television becoming popular. Reality TV being cheap and also very appealing to audiences, creates conflict in the world of television- regular, scripted television (253). Even if reality television is real or not, it is still a popular sub genre of television and people are obsessed with it.

My question is how much further will Reality TV shift in the TV Industry?

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2 thoughts on “KENYA WILLIAMS POST #1

  1. I personally don’t believe that reality television is real. Yes, the people on the screen and the scenes that are playing are real, but the events themselves, I believe, are heavily scripted. If you look at some of the situations that tend to occur, they’re usually all the same and tend to just include different characters from season to season. There is constant bickering over unimportant things that make you question why you’re still watching. One thing that I’ve come to notice is that if a character isn’t able to build their own interesting storyline or stir up enough drama, they aren’t asked to come back the following season (i.e.: Sheree Whitfeld from Real Housewives of Atlanta). Reality television isn’t about building relatability to the viewer now; its about bringing entertainment—albeit bad. My main question is, if we have such a strong feeling that its all scripted and unrealistic, why do we still watch? Is it really all that entertaining to see how the “other half lives” even if we know what we’re watching isn’t an all that accurate depiction?


  2. I think reality tv is going to go even further into the tv industry. Reality tv was something different on tv from the scripted fictional concepts, when in actuality reality tv is just as fictional. But for the audience it is something different and for that reason i think reality tv is going to shift the tv industry. Reality tv has become a guilty pleasure for everyone, even when they know it is not actually the actors real life depicted. Also, i believe the shift in the tv industry is going to place unrealistic expectations of life and of body images, even more than now. The concept of “reality” tv, showing peoples real lives, while they may show arguments and what not, might display unrealistic expectations such as perfect hair and skin at all times of the day.


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