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Just had lunch with a writer friend who has been making a living writing sponsored content as a freelancer. Fascinating concept, and so relevant to our readings on PR, advertising, manufacturing consent, the future of journalism, consumerism… everything! She suggested I have a look at this article; it explains the phenomenon quite well, through the experience of a writer who had also found himself in the sponsored-content niche.

“… sponsored content has something for everyone. Brands get their exposure, publishers get their bankroll, freelancer reporters get some work on the side, and readers get advertising that goes down exceptionally easy—if they even notice they’re seeing an ad at all. The problem, as I learned all too quickly… is that the line between what’s sponsored and what isn’t—between advertising and journalism—has already been rubbed away”.

Check out the article here:

The Rest Is Advertising, Confessions of a sponsored content writer by Jacob Silverman

 Have you noticed sponsored content in your meanderings through media (conventional, social, new, mass, or other)?

One thought on “Sponsored Content

  1. I thought that this article was pretty interesting being that I create videos on Youtube that are sometimes sponsored by brands. The underlying goal of these companies are to get exposure from fans and increase their product sales and popularity. I definitely agree with the “Brands get their exposure, publishers get their bankroll” statement because although my reviews are 100% honest not all brands appreciate honesty because again the goal is to get as much positive feedback as possible, but it does put money into my pockets. With platforms such as Famebit and Content Blvd, it makes the process of connecting with sponsors and creating sponsored content a whole lot easier.


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