Society Mr. Robot Show – Jacqueline Orellana

I was scrolling through my social media page and found this video that i found surprisingly interesting. Rami Malek, starring in a show called Mr Robot, makes a fairly well statement about his perspective on society.

Mr. Robot Society statement


One thought on “Society Mr. Robot Show – Jacqueline Orellana

  1. Comment #5: Wow! this is a very creative idea to attract more people to donate! Especially surprising that such humanitarian organization and not some corporation came up with it. But it is a little sad that marketers have to make it entertaining to make people want to donate. It still works, but do people think about hungry and poor when they swipe or they just want to see how it works? It is great that they create such an option for us to make the world better by innovating technologies, but do people get more info on the issue that they are addressing? Why would the person choose to donate every months? I think they don’t give enough info,not making any personal connections to the issue for a long term commitment with such ad, but it works in the short run!


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