Media Effects by Stephany Acevedo

Media effects use in many different ways. Media keeps us connected and inform about what is happening around us. Media over time has changed and is manipulates and shapes the way we think because everything is individualized. We all have different ways of thinking, our own opinions, and as media keeps evolving it finds a way to fit our needs. In addition, media shields us from the truth because as a collective we can decide what we want to hear and see, but as separate individuals, we are distracted by our own social media information. For example, cooking tips, celebrity news, new music, or makeup and fashion trends. The same goes for advertising because every ad speaks to different people that are viewing it. Media in many ways has also changed American culture. While America keeps progressing and the technology keeps evolving so is media, which affects our culture. There are American influences and presences we have in other countries that are strong and thriving. We can see the other cultures disappearing. I have a friend who loves Bollywood movies and she has seen the difference in the movies from then and now. One difference in the Bollywood movies is there wasn’t any kissing and now because of American influence, there are upcoming actors, actresses, producers and etc. that wouldn’t mind incorporating kissing scenes in their movies which are more favored once there are sold in the American film market. This is different to a country that is mostly conservative. Another example is Cuba and the few American TV shows that are shown on TV. One of them is “Friends”. They think that the show really captures American essences. Overall, Media definitely shapes, influences, and hurt us all at the same time whether they intend to or not.

My question is: Do you think Media can be tamed when it comes to influencing other countries? Can media be more honest to us, Americans?


3 thoughts on “Media Effects by Stephany Acevedo

  1. I don’t think media can be tamed based on its influence on other countries if they choose to tuned in to what’s going on in America. The reason I say that is because Media in American is broadcasting what they think the American people want to see and they cannot control how other cultures digest the information. I think other cultures should filter the kinds of media they have coming to their countries if they don’t want to be influenced. The media gives us what they think we want to see or hear about, however, we can’t use all of its content as the sacred word, is Americans have to filter out the necessary from the unnecessary.


  2. I agree with everything you said in your blog. To answer your question, I believe that the media cannot be tamed when it comes to influencing other countries. In fact, I do not believe the media should be tamed to begin with. The role of the media is simply to keep us informed about what is going on around us. Whether or not another country agrees with what is happening in America is solely up to them and we should not have to filter what messages are being sent out. If a country wholeheartedly disagrees with the ideals, morals, and values of American society, I believe it is up to the government of that specific country on whether or not to censor the messages coming into their region. As a country, we are supposed to have freedom of speech and of the press. Which simply means that we should not have to censor anything. Obviously other countries do not have that same value of free speech so they resort to censoring any information they view as detrimental to the well-being of its society and government. We should not have to censor what we say and what the media puts out in order to conform to another country’s beliefs.


    • If the media job is to keep us informed then why have specific framing for specific stories???? The media should be tamed because it has over stepped its boundaries and has become something far bigger and worse than anything I’ve seen.


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