Post #3 Media impact and accountability – Anastasiya Kononenko

In class on Wednesday we answered the question: ‘Should we demand more accountability?” (from the media owners). While being a business major student, I learn a lot how the businesses operate and make profits. The media industry is not just a business, but a multibillion dollar industry that impacts us, our choices, cultures and behaviors. That is why I think it is important to control it, because it has a tremendous impact on our society. All the profits that they earn, they do so legally, that is why we should control it through the law. In the U.S., the law maker is the government, so it is important that our government representatives address our concerns about the media and the impact it has and do not expect the corporations to make ethical decisions. And we (the people) are the ones who should insist on making the media accountable, since a lot of government officials are working with these corporations and have their own interests to support them.
When I think about “Is American media hurting other culture?” My answer is yes! I was raised in a different country and culture and share the same experience that one of my classmates talked about… My country is becoming very Americanized and losing its authenticity and unique cultural elements. The half of the movies that are shown in the movie theaters or TV are American, the main ideas for TV shows and reality shows are taken from american television, music that the young generations listens to is American pop and even their performers sing in English instead of their native language because it’s “cool” and “modern”. When reading someone’s blogs, social media posts or a watching videos on the pages of my friends from my home country, I noticed that a lot of English words became adapted and used in Russian. All of these change the stories that cultures have, its values and languages, its uniqueness and authenticity.
Can you think of any other methods to make media accountable?
Do you have any other examples from the personal experience of how American media hurts other cultures?


3 thoughts on “Post #3 Media impact and accountability – Anastasiya Kononenko

  1. I believe that its hurting our culture more than anything else. Look at the race for the presidency for instance, its ridiculous. It has made a mockery of what this country stands for and what we represent as a culture. Donald Trumps campaign manger was faced with an assault charge because of her behavior during one of their many campaign runs. How unprofessional is that? How might other nation states view our country, the land of the free, the home of the brave, the land of so called opportunity. Look at how we as a nation is being portrayed to other nations? I’m sure this footage was aired on BBC and what are we doing to fix it? How are we finding a remedy to our sick nation? Also the tabloids blow these kinds of situations out of proportion and either tarnish one persons images in order to build another’s up. It’s pretty sad honestly.


  2. I think American media is hurting other cultures. I grew up watching bollywood movies more than hollywood movies and I still do. I have noticed the difference in movies from when I was little and now. Movies are more westernized, from the clothes to the culture displayed in the movies. Actors used to wear traditional clothing and perform traditional dances, but now actors wear western clothing like jeans and t-shirts and have house parties to a point where the only difference is the skin tones of the actors and the language the actors speak. I also agree with Myosha, our culture is hurting just as much. The bias media portraying problems around the world in untruthful way, and placing ideas in to the the people of the nation that may not be always true has hurt the culture of our nation. Unless the media starts reporting in an unbiased way, portrayal of our nation i don’t think would be fixed that easily. Media is where people get most of their information from and if that information is already tarnished and biased then ideologies of the people well be as such. I think a good start would to have media reporting as unbiased as possible.


  3. I agree with Myosha and Hadeeqa! I think American media is hurting other cultures because the media is portraying problems around the world in untruthful way, which show bias. Media is placing ideas into the people of the nation that may not be always true and will definitely hurt the culture of our nation. However, I don’t think it would be fixed that easily, unless the media starts reporting media in an unbiased way. Media is supposed to be where people get most of their information from. Consequently, if the information is already tainted and biased, then the ideologies of the people will be as well. We just have to hope for the best!


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