An article on subtle differences in how we represent and treat different genders

I Won’t Let My 4-Year-Old Daughter Grow Up Stepping Aside for Sexism, Like I Did (Jezebel March 12)

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One thought on “An article on subtle differences in how we represent and treat different genders

  1. Gender and doing gender has always been something that interests me. Being a lesbian that doesn’t like to label themselves, I perform gender very differently. I never really considered myself a girly girl, but I love to look nice and sexy. Its interesting. The women I am attracted to are more aggressive in appearance but they have a certain type of femininity. This picture shows me how people think I’m supposed to act and how I’m supposed to dress because I look more feminine than my chosen counter part. What bothers me is that everyone is different and people show and reenact gender differently. Why can’t Wonder Woman pull the machine and Superman push the swing? Why do people care about who dies what? Why does society have to place all of these obscene labels on everything? Its quite disgusting. My niece was just recently born and i refused to buy her any pink or feminine colors because I want her to form her own gender norms. I want her to feel comfortable enough to play football if she wants to and then to put on a dress after that. I want her to break the societal chains which she might feel like she has to conform to because everyone else is doing it. But what if for once we go against the status quo and be our true selves. Perform our backstage selves like Goffman speaks of. Stop looking and searching for the approval of others who don’t really care. Find that inner confidence to be all that we can be. I don’t know thats just a thought. Screw gender norms, perform gender how YOU SEEM FIT!



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