Kaiwen Ye Today’s discussion on roles of women

We all know how women are treated in the media compared to men. In today’s discussion, we talked about how in movies/t.v shows women are there to fill a role for the male lead. Whether it be to bring up his spirits, teach him a lesson or help him with his past, she’s there for him until he regains his happiness and doesn’t need her anymore.

There is a term for this, it is called Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I only heard for this term once- when I was attending an event. At first, I wasn’t sure what it meant, then after it was explained to me, I got it and saw that, yes, it does fit in many of t.v shows/movies I’ve seen.

Definition: [ see this link below]

What do you think of this phrase? Do you know any movies/t.v shows that has these kind of characters?


One thought on “Kaiwen Ye Today’s discussion on roles of women

  1. I personally have never heard of this term to describe female characters in movies and television until now. I think the phrase itself, the way it is worded is very interesting. The meaning and connotation behind it is, in my opinion, very prevalent. I believe there are a lot of movies as well as television shows that have this type of female character. It is unfortunate that the role of female characters in our favorites movies and tv shows is to simply serve the needs of the male character. As you said in your blog post, the female characters are there to lift his spirits up or help him regain his sense of self and identity until he no longer needs her and she’s pushed to the side. One interesting example of this type of female character can be seen in the classic Disney film “Beauty and the Beast.” Belle’s main role in the film is to give dimension and humanistic qualities to an unattractive beast. She is able to save him with “true love’s kiss” which ultimately transforms him from an unwanted and isolated beast to a handsome and desired prince. Other than this, Belle really does not have any other role in the film. Upon analysis, Belle is essemtially the secondary and supporting character, to the primary and main character of the Beast.


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