Kaiwen Ye -The Celluloid Closet: Today’s discussion

In the present day, homosexuality is more acknowledged than before. We have more homosexual movies that explores the relationship between the said characters (Ex: Broke Back Mountain). However, we also still have comedies that put the stereotypes of homosexuality back to square one. (Ex: How someone, who is gay should act, in evidence of the trailer for G.B.F: linked below)


What caught my attention was how the three popular girls wanted a G.B.F because it is trendy and it will help them "win". Eventually this causes Tanner to become instantly popular,as the three prom queen front runners try to manipulate him to their liking (backing up the stereotype of how gays should act). In the trailer, ‘Shley has a quote "Don’t you think it would be kind of neat to meet a real life gay?" (It is like pushing homosexuality back in to the closet- by not speaking about it)

I thought it was an interesting find! What do you think of the trailer?


One thought on “Kaiwen Ye -The Celluloid Closet: Today’s discussion

  1. I have actually seen this movie when it was on Netflix (not too sure if it is still on there). I honestly thought that the film was funny. I can understand what the film wanted to do. They ultimately wanted to portray the message that the gay community should be celebrated and honored for how far the community has come in terms of progress and equal rights since the mid 20th century. The film portrayed the main character, Tanner, who happened to be gay, as a commodity or a prize to the straight female characters. It made it seems as though the only reason they befriended Tanner was to become popular and for no other reason. They saw that having a gay friend was cool and getting to know them on a personal level was irrelevant. I do not wanna give away the ending of the film for the people who have not yet seen it, but it concluded with emphasizing the fact that gay men are human too, with feelings and emotions. Gay men should not be looked at as a possession just because one might feel it is cool to be friends with one. They should be treated just like everybody else; get to know them on a deeper level and establish a true friendship built on trust and loyalty. Without seeing the whole film and just focusing on the trailer, I can see why someone might feel as though the film was demeaning the gay character when in actuality, he ultimately finds his sense of self and strength.


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