Blog #3 – The Truth About Nancy Reagan (by Evan Quinones)

Nancy Reagan, former first lady of the United States, and wife of President Ronald Reagan passed away on March 6th, due to congestive heart failure, at the age of 94. Her death was reported in an overwhelming amount of mediums, the web, newspapers and magazines, and on the TV news. For the most part, positive aspects and stories about Mrs. Reagan were focused on and reported. However, there were several stories reported by the media about her that were not as supportive. The biggest one would have to be about her relationship with the late actor, Rock Hudson. Hudson considered Mrs. Reagan a very close friend of his. However, just nine weeks before he passed away on October 2nd, 1985, due to AIDS-related complications, Nancy Reagan was reported to have ignored him when he reached out to her when he needed her the most. Hudson was hopeful that Nancy would use her influence and power as the first lady of the United States to get him to see a prominent doctor in France who was seeing and treating AIDS patients. Unfortunately, he did not get his wish as Nancy did not arrange for that to happen and stood by to watch her "friend" slowly die. In addition to this unfortunate story, President Ronald Reagan was known to not have uttered the words AIDS once during his presidency, right in the middle of the AIDS crisis, and did not show any effort to help combat the disease. My question is: what are your thoughts about this story on Nancy Reagan, and do you think this was a positive thing that the Media chose to report both sides of Mrs. Reagan as a human being?


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