Post by Nora Hakramaj

In class we mentioned because of Hulu and Netflix, no one really wants to watch cable TV. One way that I think cablevision can be improved to the way it was back in the day is to have more interesting and unique T.V shows. Personally, I don’t like most of the T.V. shows that are aired. Shows such as Orange is the New Black and Daredevil are produced by Netflix and are very different T.V. shows. On cable you mainly see shows based on vampires, werewolves or the Kardashians. Another thing that cablevision can do to be improved is to lower the price of cablevision, since you can watch any T.V. shows and movies that you see on TV on the internet, for free. I also think airing two episodes a week of a show would be more appealing to people. “Binge watching” is a new trend that allows you to watch an entire season in one sitting. Some people (including myself) don’t like to wait an entire week to see an episode. I currently finished watching Bates Motel on Netflix. I know that the new season just aired on TV but I will wait for it to come on Netflix because I don’t want to wait to know what will happen next,I think adding more episodes a week on TV would increase viewers. What do you think are some other ways cable can be improved? Also, what are some of your views on the TV shows that are being aired on currently on TV?


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