Alina Intisar

In yesterday’s class discussion, we spoke about a face slasher on NYC subway. During this conversation, I agreed that such news startles me but does not create a sense of fear inside me. It is possible that maybe graphic news have desensitized or that news reports are exaggerated to an extent where they don’t really affect the day to day life even if the crime shown on TV is happening in close proximity. On the other hand, news channel play a great role in creating hysteria among people as well. Unlike myself, I know many people who refuse to leave their houses as a result of watching news. But, in today’s world, everyone is so bound to their work responsibilities that even if you were scared to leave the house, you have no choice but to shrug off the news out of your mind and head to work. I wonder if its our busy life that is keeping us from being sensitive to news even if we really want to. A lot of attention is given to how violent movies, and video games on people but these are not the only place where they are exposed to these images. Increasingly horrifying and graphic pictures are shown daily in the news. These images show brutality not only in America but in foreign countries as well. These images can confuse and frighten people and, similarly to overly violent movies and video games, frequent viewing of news coverage of traumatic events may cause aggression or desensitized to violence and have less empathy for others.

Alina Intisar Peer Mentor, Brooklyn CollegeBrooklyn College Navigator
B.A. Sociology, Brooklyn College, 2017


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