Anastasiya Kononenko-Post #2 “Billions”

I really enjoyed listening to our guest speaker Wes Jones on Wednesday and watching Billions before that was very interesting and helpful. When I watched Billions it was hard to understand some dialogues as they involved a lot of finance and business terms, but the series seems to be very interesting and engaging, so I would love to continue to watch it as the new episodes come out. The series reminded of the “Suits” about New York lawyers working for the top law firm in Manhattan and trying to win cases. In “Suits” it is also hard to understand some conversations and why the main characters make certain decisions if you are not familiar with the law field much. However, both are interesting to watch because while doing business, the main characters have their personal lives where they fall in love, break up, have kids or trying to protect their families and how all of these reflected in their professional lives. While at work they might be strict and aggressive (especially in the business world), but when they are home with their loved ones, we see their other side and can relate to them and understand them more. This is where we get to love their stories and pick our favorites.
It was very interesting to hear from the professional how that industry really works because all we see is what screenwriters and directors want us to see and we don’t know what is really going on behind the cameras. When I watched “Billions” I was thinking that in order to write such a complex script for a series about business world you have to have prior knowledge and experience in it. So I was surprised when Wes Jones said that this is not the case and they just invited people from the industry to advice them. The fact that even real billionaires helped them in the script writing surprised me even more, making me think of how the film production can unite two such different industries- business world and creation of mass media. I think series like “Billions” and “Suits” show the real power of mass media because they allow the viewers to become part of something that ordinary people might have no relationship to and knowledge in the real life, but by showing this world they teach, entertain and engage us in the stories of their own heroes and villains.


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