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My question is do you believe that there can be one mass medium that can represent every mass medium? if so which one and how?

On Fri, Mar 4, 2016 at 9:35 PM, Monique Charles <> wrote:

Monique Charles

I always thought that movies were always popular so i found it interesting to learn that movies did not hit the mass medium stage until around the late 1800’s and did not become popular until the 1910’s. I find it interesting to see the role that movies play in society..
Movies is a very popular mass medium. I view movies as entertaining news, meaning that movies are entertaining and provides multiple information. I love watching movies especially the ones that i can relate to. For example: The movie Take the lead which is about troubled youths, who channeled their anger and life situations through ballroom dancing.I relate to this movie because like any other person i deal with daily issues and i find different ways to release my anger.


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  1. No or maybe, there can be one mass media that represents every mass medium because the mass mediums are always evolving and adapting to the new generation coming about. We create new mediums to connect and deliver the current events that’s happening now easier and faster. For example, newspapers evolved or transferred over to radio where people cannot only read, but now you can hear what’s happening around this country and world. This was shown when Edward Murrow was reporting from his radio station over sea at the frontier and everyone could hear and picture the destruction. At this time not only were we able to read the details of certain situations, but also hear them. This later evolved or transferred over to television where now there are 3 main mediums. Television is now uses 2 out of 5 senses people have, which are seeing and hearing, which also creates a larger impact on they way you feel and think. People can now physically see what’s happening around them. This influences the way people process information and the way people express their opinions to others. Over time the Internet was created where now people can receive all of these mediums were converged onto the Internet. People can read, listen, watch and share their thoughts through the Internet using the web. Not only is the convenient, but also the people can travel and multitask well reading, hearing, or viewing the current events around the world. If there had to be one medium it could be the Internet because of its evolution in mediums and technology. In addition, I believe the reason the 3 main mediums are still around is because of the way people process information. People prefer different was to learn about the current events, so it’s the people’s choice on how they receive the current events. The fact that everything around us is happening quickly I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a new medium being created now.


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