RE: Monique Charles, Blog Post #2

Monique Charles

I use to think that movies always been a popular mass medium, however it was very interesting to learn that movies actually did not hit the mass medium stage until the late 1890’s and did not become a major industry until the 1910’s. In my opinion movies is like entertaining news, meaning that movies are very informing about events that go on in the world as well as very entertaining. For example: The movie SELMA was a great movie that was based on past experiences and well as Dr Martin Luther King Life story. This movie informed me on many things that i did not know.
I love watching movies especially the ones that i can relate to . Most movies produced deals with real life situations and is very informing being that some movies also teaches individuals how to deal with certain issues. For example: There’s a movie called sister code which is about adopted sisters who love each other as if they were blood. The older sister get lupus and has a hard time telling her family here the audience witness the difficulties of expressing her sickness. This movie has helped me to understand why my mother use to hide from her children that she was sick.
Overall i would say that movies help individuals from different races come together , from the different races of the caste to the different races that watch the movies. For example: when the Jamaican movie "DanceHall Queen" came out it was great to see not only Jamaicans watching it but also Latinos, Caucasian individuals, Americans, etc. Movies is very informational and can teach individuals about different things especially about different races. With this being said the question i have is Do you believe that Movies play a positive role in society why or why not?


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