Monique Charles Blog Post

Monique Charles

I remember growing up My mother and I use to listen to the radio. We listened to the news on the radio. Our best days was Sunday we use to listen to the gospel station. Radio was one thing that would got my family together .As the years passed I’ve noticed how my household shifted from radio to television. I would say that the radio was the stepping stone for television.
I agree that the radio was a stepping stone for Television. Like the radio, the television has timed programs, can listen to music . Like the radio Television is the new way of family gathering.
Overall I feel that the radio has brought people together and is and will always be one of the most popular mass medium. Today I still listen to the radio not as much but i still do. The radio has evolved from playing on a boombox to playing in cars , there’s television radio as well as internet radio. The radio today is way different from how the radio was for one their is way more radio stations, and also some radio stations no longer exist.
In today’s society, there are too many mass medium that there is no way to pick one particular mass medium. If Allen made a radio today there would be no specific mass medium , if anything he would have to include a couple of mass medium


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