Alina Intisar

Yesterday on social media, I stumbled upon a news of three Muslim American students killed in execution style in Indiana. No other media outlets spoke or aired this news on their broadcasting channels. After watching the movie The Network, I realized how selective news outlet are toward the news they decide to broadcast. It has been three days since the killing happened and there has been no further investigation done by either the police or the media on this matter. This is quite intriguing because it took me back to our class discussion where we spoke about using social media as an outlet to get news. If it weren’t for Facebook, I probably would have never found out about this news. Yet at the same time, it also raised questions such as why is media hesitating in broadcasting this news. Is it racial prejudice in American medium or there is a different reason behind it. Lack of investigation also makes it harder to decide whether the killings were deliberate or innocent. This is problematic because it makes me wonder how much can we trust what the media is telling us. How much of what we are given is a result of political propaganda or not.


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