Kevin Sebili

This Sunday, February 28th, is the Oscars and I think that it is important to tune in and take note of the lack of diversity in both the nominees and the winners. I think that it is a good thing that Chris Rock is hosting this year because he is known to bring up controversial matters although of course in a joking manner. Also I think making him the host was sort of a defense by the Academy awards people, so that they could say that they had an African American host just in case the winning circle holds little to no diversity. On the other side of the debate, it could’ve just be a coincidence last year; although, it doesn’t seem likely. Black representation has been lacking for almost every year since the Oscars have been a thing. I also find it inspiring that the some black entertainers have decided to boycott the Oscars because of the lack of representation that they get from the Academy.


2 thoughts on “Kevin Sebili

  1. I agree with you, I believe that the Oscars lack African American representation,I find it awesome that the award academy people have taken a step to diversify the Oscars. Also I heard about Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith boycotting the Oscars, I think its cool and brave and all but at the same time they are getting bashed for it , especially by African Americans. My opinion is that not much people really care about the Oscars as much. If more African Americans were to stand up then maybe there will be a bigger change.I believe that there should be more African Americans presented with Oscars, and Hopefully by Chris Rock hosting the Oscars that will open up slots and Oscar opportunities for more African Americans.


  2. I don’t find it inspiring that some black entertainers are boycotting the Oscars, especially when the persons (Jada Pinkett Smith) have profited immensely from those same producers, directors being acknowledge. I believe it was the fact that once Will Smith wasn’t nominated for his performance in Concussion, his wife took a stand for him, although he’s been nominated twice prior ( Ali, The Pursuit of Happiness) without winning. What added to the fire was the newly released Straight Outta Compton (which I saw, and was a pretty good movie), which had great performances by the actors, plus a great story, was snubbed as well. I think boycotting is not the answer, boycotting has been done for years but the Oscars will never not be on television, that event will never not happen. So why is it that Jada and will feel the need to boycott when if they really wanted to help the situation produce and be apart of movies for black, ethnic actors that don’t just star you or your kids? I know they were not the only black stars snubbed (Idris Elba) nor the only ones boycotting (Spike Lee joined), but its hard for me to look at a extremely wealthy and successful black family in Hollywood, given the race issues in the movie industry, without asking what have they done to contribute to the “black actors matter” until they felt personally victimized to take a stand? Although Straight Outta Comptom is not a movie that will ever be recognized by the academy because it makes the majority uncomfortable.
    I agree with what you said about Chris Rock hosting and being a defense by the academy during this uncomfortable time for them. He has a great way of putting controversial issues and put them in the context of tasteful jokes without offending people. He’s the only black comedian that I can think of that the academy would have the courage to hire because of this aspect about him. I strongly believe that the academy and entertainment industry needs a wake up call 50 plus years in the making. These matters will never go away, but I believe that individuals within the industry who are against these views should take a stand with their peers by competing with them as well as work with them.


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