Kevin Sebili

In regards to the magazine discussion that we had in class, I do not think that there is an issue with Photoshop whether it be for a guy or a girl. The photographer is after a certain image, and if the person that is modeling in the photo cannot produce that image, than the photographer should have the right to alter the image to achieve the look that they are after. I also agree with the idea that "sex sells" because its societies guilty pleasure. I do not see the harm in altering a photo to make it more appealing because magazine companies want to sell their products and get advertisements so that they can make a profit. Similarly for advertising companies they want to make their images as appealing as possible because it will promote their product or service more efficiently and allow them to make a profit. So in the end I think that photoshoped images has less to do with the actual people being photographed, but rather the statement the image can say once altered to the photographers ideal standard. What are your thoughts on peoples images being altered to sell a product and/or service?


4 thoughts on “Kevin Sebili

  1. Hi Kevin,

    Although I agree with your argument that the photographer is the artist and has the right to alter his/her photo, I must say that the photographer also has a social responsibility to not create photos that can be harmful or degrading to people. Sure, sex sells, but it’s also important to consider the people that the advertisement is targeting. For example, a teenage girl who sees an ad for American Apparel where the women are portrayed as sex objects or victims of domestic violence, might start believing that violence in the context of sex is “okay” and even “attractive.” The same goes for pictures of women that are so photoshopped that they don’t look human anymore. These pictures create a false reality of what women really look like, and it’s degrading to women because it’s basically like saying: “you’re not good enough.” Fortunately, some brands are starting to ban extreme photoshopping and are instead choosing to publish realistic and natural photos of real women. Aerie being one of those brands. I hope that more brands and companies will take this approach in the near future.

    Kristia Megan


  2. I do agree with you that a photographer has a specific image in their mind. And, that they might Photoshop the image if the actor is not able to convey what they were looking for. However, I feel that every time they Photoshop, they try to hide flaws that are quite stereotypical. By doing so, they are manipulating standards of beauty in our modern society. And many times, it can be derogatory to the actor as well. However, if both actor and the photographer agree that they need to change the picture through Photoshop, then i do not think there is anything wrong with it.


  3. I agree with you that “sex sells”, however I disagree with you on Photoshop Yes i believe that the photographer has a certain image but at the same time why not get a person that fits that image instead of altering the photo of a person that doesn’t? Photoshop is perfection and no one is perfect . I believe that photographers should always Photoshop just so that they’re audience can actually glimpse of he reality of the person. By doing Photoshop the photographer is altering how their audience will view the picture.On the other hand, it is understanding if a person wants to remove a certain thing from their photo but to alter the photo overall is basically trickery to the eyes that view the photos


  4. COMMENT #4: Unfortunately, in our society “sex sells”, but I disagree with the photoshop part of your post. I don’t think it is right for a photographer to photoshop a model, actor, or whoever they chose to portray a certain image, if they are not happy with the outcome. If anything, he/she should really think about who they want for the captured image they are going or find another model to work with instead of photoshopping someone. What if the model or actor was not satisfied with how he/she is being portrayed? There are so many questions raised with photoshop, that it makes you wonder how that person being photoshopped really feels.



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