Here are some of the resources, images and articles we discussed recently in relation to the magazine industry:


One thought on “Magazines

  1. There should be a lot more variation of women’s body in magazines. Unfortunately, we are not there yet (but we have made some improvements). Society tells us we have to be a certain size and look a certain way, and that is unfortunate, because we need to realize that every shape is beautiful.

    I came across a Barbie commercial today and saw how the company changed their ways from having a “perfect” Barbie, to having Barbies with different shapes that young girls can look up to.

    While type this, I remember an Aerie ad where they stopped photoshopping and has shown consumers how real girls look like. For me personally, it was empowering and I am proud to see more of these unretouched ads.

    * I hope the video works!


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