Kaiwen Ye Chap 3

As mass communications have changed throughout the years (we started with the printing press and now we are in a digital age, where newspapers can be read via tablets or online. We see a huge change in how we receive information through mass communications. One example from the text is how newscasters, such as John Oliver delivers the news to the audiences. He puts refreshing spin on it; instead of straightforward news, he almost, in a way makes fun of some of the news and puts a creative way to entertain audience members.

I have watched a few of his videos and even laughed at a few of the comments he makes. I think this is a great way for the audience to absorbed the (sometimes harsh) news and be entertained at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Kaiwen Ye Chap 3

  1. I personally enjoy receive most of the news in this manner, even considering the harsh tones John Oliver (or even shows like the Daily Show and Larry Willmore). These comedians/newscasters (i guess you can call them that) not only provide us with the news, but a good analysis of the way big news media outlets want to portray certain things. I feel their agenda is to show their audiences the biased and slanted views of media outlets and expose them for what they are. In a way, we learn not only what’s going on, but how others attempt to make see such news. And I thoroughly respect these shows for such.

    _Charles Macias


  2. I find mass communications evolving rapidly through the years in more ways than just technology. The introduction to the fifth estate, I believe is the best thing to happen to news because without it there is no way for anyone to keep the news in check. The news has become so much about ratings that the stories suffer in quality. I am glad you brought up john Oliver because I watch him all the time and I find him to be accurate and brining large controversial issues to light. he is not afraid to get serious about things even though it is a comedy based show. It is very informative and appeals to a demographic that wouldn’t normally not tune in to these particular issues. I also agree that the comedy twist he throws into the stories does help people to absorb the stories better.


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