Kaiwen Ye Chap 2

While reading the censorship section of the text, it has referred me back to a class I took about how books were censored. We talked about Anthony Comstock and how he had banned books that were deemed inappropriate- such a offensive and indecent materials. He went on a crusade to ban the books that had any sexual themes in them. This crusade was called "comstockery" Doing this, he caused fear and hatred in himself by authors who wrote explicitly sexual text. Some authors were even driven to suicide by his tactics.

This ties in with chapter 2’s section on censorship, because it just shows the readers that even though we have freedom of the press, there are still topics that are sensitive to different readers and authors have to be wary of writing what can get their book banned.

Example of a young adult book that was banned in public schools: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


One thought on “Kaiwen Ye Chap 2

  1. Censorship is a huge part of our nations past and is still very relevant today in the world. I remember learning about Anthony Comstock and his aggressive tactics of book banning. I was shocked and appalled to hear about what he did and how he drove people to want to kill themselves. His crusade baffled me and I could not come to a conclusion as to why he wanted to ban the work of other authors. I understand that it was a conservative time in our nation and with that mind set information can be fragile, and what is seen today is normal was seen as obscene then. Furthermore, relating it back to the text freedom of press is not so free when one has to watch what they say to avoid being sued from another. This is known as chilled speech, and our constitution prohibits such, although it does still happen.


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