Chapter 4 Kaiwen Ye

What I found interesting was when the authors were talking about Magazines in a Democratic Society. Even though magazines are for the people, they put advertisers first. It is almost a contradiction (magazines companies views us as first purchasing their magazine, then telling us about the big issues around the world) . It shows us that money does talk and the magazine business is fragile.

I have an example from my own experience. I am subscribed to ST and sometimes there are a lot of information about fashion, business, beauty and etc. However, sometimes when I receive my magazine in the mail, most of it are advertisements thrown there and there. And it sucks, because when you purchase a magazine, you want to see more articles than ads to get to you purchase an item.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Kaiwen Ye

  1. I completely agree with you. I also feel similar angst when I find more ads than articles in a magazine or newspaper. It sort of changes the entire experience of reading through a magazine when most of what you see is not the content you are interested in. I think earlier in the days, I used to fall into the traps of ads and eventually buy what is shown to me. However, over time, I have learned to look past these ads and focus more on what the article is talking about, no matter how distracting these ads can be.


  2. I completely agree as well, because although magazine companies need to turn a profit, which they do through subscriptions and advertising, it is also important for them to produce well thought out content. The readers experience completely changes when they are reading an article that is meant for them to think about getting car insurance rather than what actually happened in a specific incident or story. At the same time, I do understand the magazine industries as well, because they need to make a profit, otherwise why produce content. The more advertisers they can get the more money they make. However, that being said, I think that is important to remember that content is why people buy certain magazines in the first place so it consumers do come first in that aspect.


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