20 February, 2016 04:15

The first news media was established in 1690. However, it ceased immediately after the first publication because the government did not agree with its content. The press was used as a mean of making money and forbid contents that didn’t coincide with government views. Post the American Revolution, the United States Congress enforced free press, allowing people to express their views even it wasn’t identical to the vies of the government. The news media was seen as a way of keeping its citizen informed instead of only publishing the views of the government. However, many politicians used to media to their advantage by funding them. Media started to focus on things that interested people such as scandals and corruption with captions written in big bold letters to grasp the attention of readers. Journalist we in competition to release the best stories, so yellow journalism developed. Yellow journalism is prefabricated stories with damaging consequences to those involved. Lippman was a journalist who believed in reporting the truth and creating a standard of being a valuable source.

According to Ott and Mack, media have evolved over the years. Conversely, even though Lippman contributed to the ethics of the media in 2016 there is still yellow journalism taking place. The may not be reporting a total lie but many stories have added features in order to boost ratings. For example, Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl was viewed as she is dividing America because she honored the Black Panthers. Never once did she say she was against the duties of the police but the I think there is a bigger message. However, the media will always report things or amplify thing in order to get ratings.


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