Anastasiya Kononenko

When reading Ch.4 I thought a lot about women in the media and how they transformed it over the years. As we discussed in class, women began to break standards and stereotypes when started to actively participate in the creation of media and writing newspaper articles under their real names. As women’s movements switched images of the women as the housekeepers only, the media had to respond in order to keep its readers/watchers engaged and stay competitive.
I think it is incredible that magazine like Cosmopolitan was able to go though all of these transformations and still is one of the top women’s magazines today. While still covering some family related topics that are relevant to women life today, the magazine has a lot of fashion and beauty, health and fitness, relationship, sex and celebrities news. All of it was not always discussed freely and addressed to women in the media. Our culture constantly changes and media is not something that exist by itself, but rather shaped by what is going on in our lives politically, economically and culturally. At the same time, media might effect how we perceive our news and culture, so it is important that we stay critical and pick the sources carefully.


2 thoughts on “Anastasiya Kononenko

  1. I agree with the notion that media is not something that agrees by itself but instead is shaped by the people and events as well as the times. It is something that evolves as we do, especially when it comes to women in the media. When I think of gender equality in the work place and in life in general the image that comes to mind is probably the same one that comes to yours, The woman with the bandana flexing. This is an iconic image because it portrays what women are already thinking and that is that they can do the jobs that men can do and to the same standard. This shaped a generation, where women did not need to hide behind the name of a man to have their articles taken seriously. They could proudly have their own names under their articles and be taken as a legitimate story.


  2. I agree, with women beginning to break through standard positions in media like Elizabeth “Pink” Cochrane who we mentioned in class. She was better known as “Nellie Bly,” she took on a role much above what was deemed to be a woman’s position at that time. I found it disturbing that her quite possibly dangerous role in the story of the Asylum could not even but put under her real name due to society’s views on what is “unladylike.” Cosmopolitan is a magazine very up to date with trends, fashions, and is able to adapt to everyday woman, so well that they are one of the top women’s magazines. It is amazing how magazines have been able to stay up to date and have such a prominent role in our news and culture. Helping people especially woman in this day and age connected.
    – Daryl Prasso


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