Daryl Prasso

The evolution of Social Media to me has been incredible. As it mentions in chapter 3 the main focus of such an outlet to help share stories or breaking news that is does but has also turned into much more. This ever-changing online media has expanded to a myriad of different websites not only involving news but straight communication whether that is to a friend or even a celebrity (twitter, Facebook, Instagram). It has moved past the point of news and in my eyes has become an outlet for rage, hatred, and bullying. Now that people feel like they can hide behind a screen comments, mentions, tags, and conversations have become more vicious. This has been an issue for many years but is more apparent now than ever with Mass shootings, suicides, and simple comments on photos of celebrity’s. Some media organizations have been forced to create social media policies to act as ethical guidelines for digital context. Firsthand I have seen some of the cruel things that people post of celebrity accounts. Even things kids in middle and high school have to cope with through I-message from the kids I babysit. I find it fascinating that this entire online culture has turned from an information center into some kids personal hells.


3 thoughts on “Daryl Prasso

  1. I can see why you would look at it that way. There is both positives and negatives when looking at social media. We are able to communicate and actually see whats going on around the world with a click of a button. It’s unfortunate that such harsh realities are being pushed in our faces that mainstream media has often overlooked or hidden. We can do two things with the information that we receive.. 1. Be emotionally invested and ignore it or 2. Critically analyze it and challenge what we are seeing. The thing about social media now is that it has become a large business. So what comes up on your timeline all depends on the USERS activities. Ex. If you are constantly surfing the web about shoes and fashion, liking statuses about fashion, etc. you will see more posts and advertisements that have to do with that. If you are always liking and viewing these videos that are horrific then those posts will come up more. Much like life you can condition your view of life with positive thinking as well as in social media where you can follow and un-follow certain pages. As far as journalism… Social media plays a new role in that where people have become primary sources. We no longer rely on new sources for information when pedestrians have unconsciously become the journalists. This gives an objective look at things. I must agree with you 100% when it comes to the abuse of social media but I also appreciate the honesty it brings. Like I suggested in class… MEDIA LITERACY should be taught in high school or even younger! It’s important that society understands the importance of primary sources and differentiating with whats fake and real or how to understand how to understand the information they receiving.


  2. I agree with the both of you! Social Media has become so embedded in our daily lives and although it causes so much harm we still continue to rely on it. We realize that we can get information from the media, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but when social media is being used in a negative light it creates multiple problems, leading many people to follow. There has been a lot of on going problems being retweeted, shared, etc… and yet people either choose to do this to make it a joke or some keep it trending to make a difference. Again, social media is used in both positive and negative light. I always wanted to figure out why it is used so negatively and what are the ways to stop it. It makes me wonder what social media will be like as we continue to use it, or if we will ever STOP using social media. The evolution of social media is a very interesting subject.


  3. I disagree with your comment, social media does not have news because one would first need to identify what news means. News is updated information on anything really. Social media is filled with news; maybe not news in the conventional sense, but updated stories about the lives of other people. Furthermore, I do agree with your comment that social media has opened the door to a wave of cyber bullying, which in mind is more damaging than physical bullying. I think this because cyber bullying cuts deeper into ones psychological state while physical bullying involves teasing and physical abuse. Cyber bullying can reach a victim anywhere even when they are completely alone which ultimately drives people to suicide and extreme depression. The solution to cyber bullying for a potential victim would just be to stop logging on, however, others can see what they are saying as well so when they do go to school people will be talking about it; an escape is difficult.


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