Evan Quinones Blog #1

The Media and Democracy

On Friday, April 12th, my boyfriend and I attended a live taping of The View, a morning talk show that airs weekdays on ABC. The show centers on five women as they gather around a table talking about the latest news in the headlines or of topics that they find would be interesting to talk about in front of a live studio audience and home viewers as they give their genuine opinions about the subject. A while ago, the show aired a behind the scenes clip of what goes on in the day to day preparations to put on a show Monday through Friday. When the five ladies gather in the hair and make-up room every morning, they decide as a group, along with the show’s producers, on which stories and topics they will be discussing that day. The show is not necessarily considered a News show but they do decide which news to talk about on the show. This got me to thinking about how we briefly touched upon the fact that actual News Shows pick and choose the stories they cover, often omitting stories that the viewing public may have seen as important and relevant. These include stories about our government. We live in a democratic nation where the government must act in the best interest of the American people. Our public and elected officials are accountable for their actions when they do not act in the best interest of the citizens of this country. However, often times, we find that their are some stories that the media and the news do not cover. Is it because the government is not allowing them to cover such stories? If so, it is completely detrimental to our status as a true Democratic Country; when our government decides to withhold information from this country’s citizens. If this is indeed the case, what should we, as the American people, do to change this unfortunate occurrence so that we can strengthen and enforce the democratic status and morals of this country?


2 thoughts on “Evan Quinones Blog #1

  1. I think that when watching such shows we should not expect them to cover (or cover in depth) really important news about things like politics, policies, democracy, etc. because their main purpose is primarily entertainment, while those interested in political discussions will switch to CNN. Those five women personally might find other news important as well, but in order to keep the ratings high, people engaged and interested they would choose news that fit the format of the show. As to other media and news that do not cover important stories, we have to keep in mind that a lot of them are owned by wealthy people and corporations with their interests and reasons to keep people unaware of what is really going on. Unfortunately, our government representatives are also cooperating with corporations and very often support media censorship despite our rights for freedom of speech and press. And you are absolutely right, it does put the notion of American Democracy into the question, but isn’t it the price of capitalism and giving power to the corporations in our society and the government?


  2. The media really does play an important and powerful part in America. American citizens consult the media for their news all the time. One of the most influential purposes is to understand what is occurring around the world. The sad part is, many of the resources that are the most accessible to us are bias.
    Your blog post is very insightful when shedding a light on the topic. We can easily see the parallel you made of a basic talk show such as the The View, “picking and choosing” what seems to be the most appealing to discuss. Even in the process of these women preparing for the audience, they have to glamorize themselves with makeup and new fashion/ hot trends. That’s why it’s so easy for the media to hold back on giving certain aspects of the story.
    We are the solution. We have to widen our resources and access the truth. We cannot rely on just a handful of sources. As American people, we have to do our research and access different ways to uncover the news. Why sell yourself short? Through any institution, library, computer, or college we have the tools to find trustworthy and unbiased news sources.


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