Olivia Chak

In Chapter 2, the Books and the Power of Print made me think about how the changes in the book industry came to be. There is so much power in print because sooner or later books can turn into movies. It becomes part of the mass media industry where for example the book, The Great Gatsby is also turned into a movie because it was that great. It was such an impact where even during holidays like Halloween, you would be able to see people dressed up like from the book/movie.

​ The Book The Movie Halloween Costume


3 thoughts on “Olivia Chak

  1. Hi Olivia,

    I thought Books and the Power of Print was an interesting part of the reading as well. I agree that books have a lot of power because of their ability to transform into other types of media such as films and plays. I also think there’s a lot of power in print because of how we associate printed media with authenticity and prestige. For some reason, we still tend to believe the things we read in newspapers and books more than what we see on TV and on the Internet. Maybe it has to do with the fact that printed media is tangible (we can touch/hold them)? Who knows! I also think it’s amazing, just like you mentioned, how certain books receive such a huge fanbase and following that their stories and characters become part of our culture. I, too, saw many Great Gatsby characters during Halloween last year!

    // Megan Junglander


  2. As books turn into movies; they also become available in various forms to intrigue the audience. Ex: Special Edition/Director’s Cut/Deleted scenes to give the audience more to talk about. Fans then can discuss that they liked/disliked about it, how the actors/actresses were and if the special edition of the DVD answered their questions (like an interaction with the audience members)


  3. I agree with there being power in print but for different reasons. Yes, often books are made into movies, which bring more attention to the written work itself, and often like you mentioned with The Great Gatsby became extremely popular. In fact the movie itself was filmed partly in the town I grew up, the original house is about 10 minutes away from the house I grew up in and it attracted a lot of attention to my area, people were having Gatsby themed events and tours. However print is powerful because of its lasting impression, all the way from papyrus in ancient Greece the ability to read books and scripts from different periods of history creates a bond with the past in a way that media doesn’t do today.
    – Darryl Prasso


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