Digital Conversion at Brooklyn Pubic Library

You might like to know that the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) has digital media conversion. More info is here. I find this interesting not only in terms of the concept of the same or similar recordings (sound, video, etc) on different mediums (cassette, VCR, digital) – how does the different medium change the sound or imagery, and our experience of it? But I also really enjoy the graphics BPL included in it’s email.

Screen shot 2016-02-04 at 7.55.06 AM


One thought on “Digital Conversion at Brooklyn Pubic Library

  1. I am really happy about this. In a way this is a way to preserve the past instead of deeming old cassettes and video tapes as obsolete! truthfully awesome. They deserve to be able to go into the future freely and with saying freely i mean, my child being able to go to the library and see a cassette tape for free. Not having to go to the museum tp pay 30 dollars to the the worlds last cassette tape. Great idea.


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